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The Write Stuff - Creative Writing Course - Lesson One

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Have you ever wanted to learn Creative Writing, but didn't know where to start?

You can START HERE, with Lesson One - Why Write?

This is your beginning to a journey of creativity and discovery. The goal is to teach you how you can create your own career by doing what you love.

This lesson covers the reasons why we write and how we can be a much better writer, simply by understanding how we (you) actually write.
I am developing this course in three stages: First stage is for beginners. I will lay down a foundation, to build a career from out of your own creativity and talents.
The first stage will include eight important foundation's we must understand and be able to build from... the ground up!
* Why Write (Lesson One - This one)
* Plot
* Characters
* Point of View
* Different Writing Styles
* Dialogue
* Beginning, Middle and End
* How to Publish


The downloadable course materials, part of this purchase, are as follows:

  • The HD video of this lesson (lesson one)

  • The podcast

    • The lesson outline resources (jpeg).

      N.B. If you wish to get the most out of this course then you will need to join in on my training portal, found at You need to make yourself a FREE account on MeWe (if you haven't already) and then you will be able to join the portal here: #thewritestuff!

      Once these courses have been learned and applied (yes, there will be homework - via the portal), then we move on to the Intermediate Level and after that we shift gears, into Advanced Writing AND this will also include Audiobook Narration.

      I hope you enjoy the journey!
      See you on the other side :)

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HD Video of the first lesson, the audio podcast (mp3), the lesson resources and lots of fantastic advice!

Easy to follow, no nonsence advice
Learn at your own pace
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The Write Stuff - Creative Writing Course - Lesson One

0 ratings
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