Three Short Stories (Audiobooks): by Ian King

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Three Short Stories (Audiobooks): by Ian King

Ian King
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Three short and punchy stories, in one.

1) Graveyard Hill

2) Origins Halloween

3) Any Bloody Idiot

Blurb - Graveyard Hill.

Two young cousins embark on an adventure, fill with story telling, great foods and ghostly haunting's. Heart rates rise and minds rage as strange noises are heard out side their tent. What is wandering about, sniffing the sanctuary and threatening their safety? Will they survive to see the morning sunrise again? 

Blurb - Origins Halloween.

Have you ever REALLY explored the facts of where the Origins of Halloween are rooted? If you haven't, then this will open your eyes to something very interesting and entirely sinister.

A fictitious story set in the early days of the 'All-hallows-eve' celebrations.

Blurb: Any Bloody Idiot.

One night partying brings out the best, and the worst in people as a young man tries to prevent a disaster when his uncle gets behind the wheel, drunk.

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